Selling 416 Phone Number

Selling 416 Phone Number

Area codes 447 and 437 correspond with the North American Numbering Plan’s telephone area codes. Additional code area codes 647 and 337) are for the same numbering areas (NPA) and form an overlay numeral programme. Bell Canada is the dominant local-exchange provider in the 416/647/437 area. 647 local numbers can be transferred and there are a few exceptions Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.


Rogers & Telus is the local exchange company that offers competitive rates for 416/647/437. These numbers have increased in importance much like the New York Area Code 212, 312, or Chicago respectively. They call the area within the local area the “suburban region”.


An evolution of area codes for Ontario and southwestern Quebec Toronto’s first manual phone exchanges were identified using an “exchange number” and four-digit block numbers. The conversion to seven-digit format (2L+5N), began in 1951. Kitchener Waterloo was Kitchener Waterloo.

The area code 416 was twice divided NANPA estimated that 2020 is the exhaustion deadline, based on a 2020 exhaust inspection The area code 416 was split twice. In 1953 the western portion (416, Kitchener included) was combined with the 613 southern section to form. This made 416 co-extensive with the core Golden Horseshoe.


Canada’s inefficient allocating system and the ongoing growth of GTA made 416 at risk of exhaustion. However, once numbers have been assigned to rate centres and carriers, they cannot be used elsewhere. The area’s rapid growth means that numbers are used up quite quickly.

Despite the GTA’s rapid expansion, as well the proliferation of pagers/cell phones, it was evident that the Golden Horseshoe would need a new area code. In 1993, only Metropolitan Toronto (York East York), North York, Etobicoke Scarborough, Scarborough and Old Toronto) was left. Area code 208 area code and 240 area code were then assigned to the majority of Toronto’s surrounding regions and almost all of 416. The GTA’s rapid growth meant that the permissive telephone network from 416 continued to the Golden Horseshoe through January 1, 1994. However, it was possible to move numbers to Toronto’s smaller rate centres.

In popular culture

The Greater Toronto Area also uses the term 416 to refer to Toronto’s actual location. Toronto residents are called simply “The 416ers.” Toronto is often called “The 6” these days.

Although the 647 area telephone number has strong geographic associations, a large portion of it is composed of nomadic (such voice-over-Internet) services. An incumbent Bell landline will have its hardwired at M., a 416 postal code.

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