Netherlands Toll-Free Number

Netherlands Toll-Free Number

The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation manages the telephone networks. It can be classified into three main categories: geographical number, number for public service, and non-geographical number. Managed by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, the telephone networks are classified as .

Your geographic telephone number (0-9) can contain a series of 9 digits. These numbers can also include an area code with 2 or more digits and a subscriber identification with 7 or more digits.

They can be any length you like. It is possible to call additional service numbers in an emergency, directory, or for other public services.

Numbering plan

The Netherlands telephone numbering plan is divided into special geographical or public resource numbers. To get the number listed, dial the national trunk access codes 210 area code and 248 area code.

Fraudsters often use the 066, 774, and 087 numbers. The Dutch geographical numbers, which are 9 digits long, were established in 1995. Subscriber numbers greater than seven digits can have two digits that indicate large cities and areas.

Geographic numbers can be assigned in blocks to telecommunications service providers. Subscribers are able to transfer their number from one provider to the other through number portability.

To call from the Netherlands, you will need to enter the domestic accescode (0 must precede the phone number) This will make the dialling sequence 10 characters longer.

Numbers are not available in geopolitical regions

Although numbers that are not geographical may not contain a set number of characters they are kept as short and concise as possible. Mobile telephone numbers have 9 numbers.

These phone numbers are non-geographical and can be used for all purposes:

  • 06: Mobile phone operators
  • 0800: No Charge for Service
  • 84 is used for VoIP
  • 087. Voicemail and virtual telephone numbers
  • 088 to large businesses with more then one address
  • Machine-tomachine communications is 0970. Numbers have eight characters
  • 0979. Machine communication. These numbers don’t have an exact length.
  • 0900, Paid Information Services
  • 0906: Adult lines
  • 0909: entertainment

All public payphones have free access to Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Public resources

GSM phones can accept different emergency numbers such as 911, 000, or999 depending on the firmware you will get try this website South Korea Toll-Free Number and click.

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