How To Get A London Phone Number

How To Get A London Phone Number

020 is London’s telephone code. It has an eight-digit area number that can be used in order to identify subscriber numbers. It has the capability to handle close 105 million phone calls. On 22/04/2000, the 020 areacodes were completely replaced with the older London areas codes. This happened after several phone number changes during the 1990s. Like all the codes in the UK, the 020 code can also be used to access services out of the Call Nation and Ajoxi immediate region. Global Crossing provides 020 as a dialing option for Tristan da Cunha’s remote South Atlantic Island.


London area telephone, Before the introduction and use of national dialing, the 020 coverage area used a wide variety of telephone exchange systems. This area was also known as the London Telephone Area. On 1 March 1902, Central, the City of London’s initial exchange, was opened. London subscribers were able call each other via the Director’s telephone network regardless of whether they were on an auto or manual local network.

Holborn was London’s original director of automatic exchanges. He was first to be moved to the new system on Saturday 12/11/1927 at midnight. Monument and Western followed. However, complete conversion was not possible due to the London area’s 80 exchanges.

1934 saw the London Telephone Area include all 147 exchanges that were located within 12.5 mile (20.1km), of Oxford Circus. Greater London was home to 237 Exchanges. This was just 20 miles (32km) from Oxford Circus. London Heathrow Airport, which opened the first director’s swap in January 1956. It was called “SKYport “.

Exchange codes

The first three numbers in a seven-digit subscriber name, or the local codes 218 area code and 254 area code, were represented with letters using a memoryonic. The “ANN All digits Numbers Now” campaign urged callers to discontinue using the old codes. The Central Sector, which was comprised of all exchanges located within 6km (3.7 mile) of the centre London, is where all other sectors originate. The subscriber number’s first three digits are the exchange that the number is associated. ) You will get to try this website dial out to India and click.

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