UAE Toll-Free Number Directory

UAE Toll-Free Number Directory

United Arab Emirates (UAE), uses a closed phone numbering system. ITU-T gives UAE an international dialling Code of +971. There are no area codes.

Phone numbers to dial in an emergency For many countries, calling either 11-2 (used throughout Europe and Asia) or 9-1-1 will connect you to your local emergency service. Other emergency numbers are used in some countries, depending on the emergency services. Here are the emergency numbers for all countries (but not necessarily all).

UAE: 800 or600, which number is free?

Dubai: Hotline numbers do not all have the same quality. Even though it may appear to be toll-free, you should double-check. Depending on whether your hotline starts with an 800 number or a 600 number, you could be charged for the call and then free services Lets Dial and Call Nation.

800 Toll Free

Etisalat provides companies with the option of choosing an 800 number. This number is toll free and available to customers calling in. The 800- is usually followed with easy to remember digits. Usually, three or more. If you dial 800 from the UAE hotline, you can rest assured that there won’t be any charges for your call, no matter if it is from a mobile phone or a landline.

Hotlines at ‘600-‘

Etisalat’s 600 package, which is available to UAE-based companies, allows them to provide easy-to-remember numbers to their customers. Normal call rates apply to calls made by the company. It all depends on whether you’re calling from a landline, mobile, or a combination of both. If you wait for too long, these charges can add up.

Area Codes

Before 2000 Subscriber numbers were either 5-, 6- or 7-digit numbers. Area code and subscriber number combined made up seven digits, 220 area code, and 260 area code. The following numbers can be used for emergency services within UAE. You will get to try this website how to get a 1300 number in Australia and click the website.

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