South Korea Toll Free Number

South Korea Toll-Free Number

One that charges all calls is a toll free number. Calls made from a landline number are free. Toll-free Freecall. Freephone 0120800 0800. If they have any problem then can help this website Ajoxi and Lets Dial service best of services.

The characteristics of toll-free service have changed over time as telephone networks went from being electromechanically switched to computerized, stored-program controlled networks. A phone company operator must make the initial call charged to the party calling. There was a lot of calls from large corporations, government agencies and individuals that were both frustrating and time-consuming. South Korea uses these techniques to assign and organise phone numbers and area codes 209 area code and 242 area code.


International call out: Call (where N stands to represent the carrier code), followed with the distant number or country codes. To dial South Korea from abroad, the leading number 0 is dropped. Calling the 1566/1577/1588 numbers overseas is impossible. Domestic long distant calls: 0NN (where carrier codes are NN), followed closely by the area codes.

You can call cellular phones by dialing. Telephone calls between 010-number subscribers may be made by dialing.

International calling carrier codes

  • International Calls: 001 to
  • 002- LG U+ international calling
  • 003xx Special Services
  • Sejong Telecom international call via Internet Protocol
  • 005 SK Broadband International Phone – Higher quality service than the 5 digit prefixes provided by the same company.
  • 006 SK Telink number (Higher service quality than 5 digit prefixes for the same company).
  • 7xx International calling over Internet Protocol (or any other international Special Services)
  • 00700 SK Telink international phone over Internet Protocol
  • 00727: KT international call over Internet Protocol
  • HTML766 Internet Protocol Broadband International Call over SK

Operator Service

Sejong Telecom international phone call (Better than the 5 Digit prefix of the company)

Mobile prefixes
  • 010 Mobile, January 1, 2004, All South Korea Mobile Phone Companies
  • 011 – Mobile Phone, SK Telecom Dec 31 2003 to December 31, 2003 All South Korea Mobile Phone Companies starting Jan 1, 2004,
  • 101: Machine to machine.
  • 013xx – Mobile special net (wireless vessels etc. )
  • 004xx is the Point to Point Protocol Access Number
  • 015: Mobile services
  • 016 Mobile(KT) (All South Korea Mobile Phone Companies
  • 017 – Mobile SK Telecom, December 31, 2003. (All South Korea Mobile Phone Companies January 1. 2004.
  • 018 Mobile Phone (KT) All South Korea Mobile Phone Companies
  • 019 Mobile LGU+, December 31,2004 to December 31,2004 (All South Korea Mobile Phone Companies January 1, 2005)

Area codes

South Korea’s two-to-four-digit area codes numbers were in use up until June 2000. you will get try this website selling 416 phone numbers and click the website.

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